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EQTV: the greenskeepers

"We want people to have fun and get nuts. We take the best aspects of live music and club house and make people get crazy." So says James Curd, electro-percussionist and founding member of Chicago-based outfit The Greenskeepers. Producer Mark Share, vocalist Nick Maurer and bassist Coban Rudish complete the four-piece who have been giving the house sound a healthy twist since the late 90s. Their live shows – with Nick doing the frontman thing as well as any established rock band – aren’t to be missed, so when the band arrived in Glasgow to play Mixed Bizness at The Arches, EQTV had to go along. And we got our cameras rolling in time to catch Lotion, The Greenskeepers’ very own musical homage to Buffalo Bill, The Silence Of The Lambs’ serial killer with a penchant for keeping senator’s daughters in mucky holes in the ground…

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