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When Black Strobe started life back in 1996, the band was a duo comprising of Arnaud Rebotini and Ivan Smagghe. Eleven years later, and how times have changed. When the band released their debut album, Burn Your Own Church, earlier this year, they had become a four-piece – and, even more surprising, a four piece with a rock sound. With Arnaud on vocals and programming, David 'Siskid' Shaw on guitars and keyboards, Bastien Burger on bass and keyboards, and Benjamin Beaulieu on drums, the band toured the album and shook clubland to its roots.

Here are the boys in action live at the Sub Club in Glasgow playing the rocket-fuelled album opener Brenn Di Ega Kjerke, their cover of Bo Diddly’s I’m A Man and the brooding Last Club On Earth to the Cotton Cake faithful…

Burn Your Own Church is out now on Playlouderecordings. Visit www.blackstrobe.net and www.myspace.com/clubcottoncake


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