They were back with a bang last year, unleashing a new album, Oblivion With Bells, and playing out across the UK for the first time in ages. And the good news? Underworld were sounding as good as ever. Their relentless schedule – one which wiped out Rick Smith for a couple of gigs – shows no signs of letting up in the coming months. Rick, Karl Hyde and Darren Price are still on the road, returning to the UK on February 28 and 29 for a pair of gigs at the Roundhouse in London before heading onto the Cocoon Club in Frankfurt where they'll be reunited with old mate Sven Vath – hopefully for another live jam session. There's also the new single, Beautiful Burnout – one of the stand-out album tracks – fresh on the shelves complete with mixes from Tiefschwarz, Pig & Dan and Mark Knight. And then the boys will be back in the UK headlining the Rock Ness festival on the weekend of June 8 and 9.

Here are the boys in action in Glasgow though, playing out at the tail end of last year. We also caught up with Karl to talk about Oblivion With Bells, their myriad web projects, their work with Sven and other bits and pieces besides. Enjoy…

The album Oblivion With Bells and the new single Beautiful Burnout – with mixes by Tiefschwarz, Pig & Dan and Mark Knight – are out now. Visit