Marc Romboy’s label – home to the likes of Robert Owens, Blake Baxter, Stephen Bodzin, Gui Boratto, Spirit Catcher and Dusty Kid – drops its 50th release this month. We talk to the Systematic boss to find out more…

When did you set up Systematic?
I started Systematic Recordings in the summer of 2004. I was very tired of all the techno, trance and also disco house tunes around, and felt the urge to create something new. I was quite inspired by the likes of Chicken Lips and Metro Area during this period. They knew how to mix up 80s beats with modern sounds. So inspired by these influences, I produced Every Day In My Life with Booka Shade. It was the first Booka Shade release for ages. Different records in this shape from John Dahlbäck, Blake Baxter and myself followed.

How would you describe Systematic’s output?
Well, there is not really a sound. It has to be the stuff I’m playing in the clubs. It can be deep house or tech house – it doesn’t matter. But at the end of they day, all releases should be well produced, sexy and relaxed.

What’s been your biggest seller?
The biggest sellers have been Freakin with Blake Baxter and Atlas with Stephan Bodzin. Their tunes I still like a lot. Why did they sell well? No idea. I think you can’t describe this when it comes to music. It is what it is.

What’s the hardest thing about running a label?
Definitely the fact that the administration takes a lot of time and effort. That’s not what we all really like, eh? But it’s okay – I listen to music when I do this and that makes things easier.

What’s been the worst moment in Systematic’s history?
I always forget the bad moments. Honestly, I don’t know, mate.

What are Systematic’s plans for the next 12 months?
Well, there will be a new label compilation called Systematic Colours Vol. 2 which I’ve mixed myself, and that’s out in April. Same with the next Chelonis R Jones album, which is called Chatterton. I’m very proud to release this album because Chelonis is one of the greatest musicians in the club scene, and the album is full of true passion. You have to watch out for this one. And then in June Systematic becomes five – be surprised!

How do you go about tracking down new artists to sign?
There’s no certain strategy. I get a lot of emails with links and CDs. I get to know a lot of people when I’m touring and then it just happens.

Any advice for any budding producers looking to sign to Systematic?
Be yourself, work hard and try to make the best mix-down that you can. A lot of people underestimate the technical point of view. You can always learn.

Any other bits and pieces going on you want to tell us about?
Watch out for the first Chelonis R Jones single. It’s a forerunner of the album and comes out in January. There will be fantastic mixes by Dachshund and Markus Fix. Don’t miss it!

Systematic’s 50th release, the three-track Nice To Meet You EP by Italian duo Hugo and Daniele Papini, is out now. Visit, and







“There’s not really a sound to the label, but at the end of they day, all releases should be well produced, sexy – and relaxed”