Denis A
Chemical Test
The rolling bassline that holds this tune together sounds like it's been created in orbit – somewhere close to where I like to hang out – so it should come as no surprise that I'm hooked on this synthetic technoid hypnotiser of a tune. I've spent many years in near-Earth orbit, and this rising star from Russia has obviously spent some time at the Gagarin Cosmonauts training centre, learning the fine art of multi-layered, zero-gravity exploration. This isn't going to work on all dancefloors, and it's more of a welcome interlude than a driving monster, but it's well worth its place in any DJ's repertoire. Space age! DJH
Out on DAR on October 26

Marc Romboy vs Smokin Jo
What Is This (Lee Jones Remix)
The Dirt Crew label is about to celebrate its fifth birthday, and with this release, it has succeeded in signing what can only be described as essential listening for any discerning electronic music fan. Systematic boss Marc Romboy has teamed up with Smokin Jo to produce a real electro-meets-jazz masterpeice. For me however, it's the remix by Lee Jones that's the star here. With its added finesse and musicality, the whole thing is much more of a journey, and it takes the listener through a whole spectrum of dynamic sounds. DJH
Out late October on Dirt Crew

No Regular Play
Owe Me
Yet another great release from the Wolf+Lamb label that has something for everyone. From the sublime to the deepest of deeps, No Regular Play manage to hit all the right notes across a selection of tunes that shows how good these boys are at capturing a moment in time. The title track of the EP is a minimal jacking number that has all the groove and weirdness of a typical Solomon/Carter collaboration – in fact, it would be at home on their iconic Classic label. There are also a couple of tracks for digital release only, and the stand-out for me is Derecha, which has a time and place all of its own. Quality! DJH
Out now on Wolf+Lamb


Black Noise
EP 02
In such a quick-moving and often throw-away scene, it has almost become a shock when a track's production and composition smack of quality. Black Noise may well be guarding their identity at the moment, but when you consider their combined experience and pedigree, it’s little surprise that their output stands heads and shoulders above most of their wet-eared peers. The second EP on the forever-impressive Southern Fried label is a four-track exercise in bass, beats and vocal wizardry. Using the vocals of US rappers Lex-One and Murs across Jackin My Fresh and Looking Fly, the whole EP is a samplefest that will keep even the most avid spotter trying to work out who said that and where that piano line comes from. Interesting music for a forever-homogenising world. PJ
Out in November on Southern Fried

The Japanese Popstars
The JP’s are the classic self-made success story. Initially working their own promotion hard, their sound has improved and is at last matching the initial hype around the Irish trio. Released on the formidable Gung-Ho! imprint, the bizarrely named B.C.C.T. is based around a floaty, dreamy melody that has that trancey JP sound. While that might not appeal to some, the majority will find it hard not to enter the epic big room sound of this one. PJ
Out November 2 on Gung Ho!

Heartbeats (Heartbeats)
This has been aptly described as what Mylo’s In My Arms would have sounded like if he had been raving to Justice for the past couple of years. Grum is forcing his way into the minds of all those who listen, adopting an underused method – namely making music for girls to dance to. So what you get here are infectious vocals that you can sing along to after one listen, uptempo and uncomplicated beats, and a simple yet uplifting melody. A heavy remix package sees Joe and Will Ask? impress the most on an original that could probably not be better suited to their style. Grum's debut album is due in 2010 – perhaps we’ll be able to stop waiting for the follow-up to Destroy Rock n Roll at last. PJ
Out October 26 on Heartbeats

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