Sound Of Habib keeps up its double A-side series with a new one from label boss Johan Soh, backed by rising star Beta. We find out more about the label – and nab a mini-mix for a taste of its sound…

As breaks continues to move away from its traditional sounds, one label is starting to make a real impact with its genre-defying releases. That label is Sound Of Habib, an exciting little imprint run by Johan Soh, aka Jariten, which this month celebrates its 30th vinyl release with a new double A-Side. Still/My Culture continues Sound Of Habib’s remix swap series, with Jariten teaming up with Myagi for a full-frontal 4/4 assault on the A-side, and man of the moment Beta taking control of the flip for a homage to the nuskool genre. EQ talks to Johan to find out more about the label – and he gives us a mini-mix as a taste of things to come…

When did you set up Sound of Habib?
I started the label in 1999 as an outlet for my own productions. That quickly changed as I found a lot of local talents who helped build the label. In the end my own productions have often ended up on other labels.

How would you describe Sound of Habib’s output?

What's been your biggest seller?
The Beauty In Me by Stisch. I think it was down to a combination of timing, sound and luck. It managed to stick around in the top of Scandinavian club charts for over six months and did exceptionally well in Australia.

What's the hardest thing about running a label?
Finding great music that has a shelf life beyond the week of release – timeless electronic music that will hold its own after many listens and is not something that latches on to trends. Something that captures the essence of its time while moving the culture forward and not letting go of the past.

What's been the worst moment in Sound of Habib history?
Selling Stisch to a major label. That really did not work out for anyone.

What are Sound of Habib plans for the next 12 months?
Karton and Beta have got so much talent. Beta goes from strength to strength and has some quality singles in the pipeline, while 2009 looks like it is going to be the year that we get to release the Karton album. You should keep an eye out for that if you like electronic music with proper song qualities. That said, I don’t like planning too far ahead. With the digital age you can get a tune one week and have it ready for release a month later with remixes and all. I love that. So 2009 will hopefully surprise me as much as it will our audience, old and new.

How do you go about tracking down new artists to sign?
I don’t have a specific method, but I try to keep an ear to the ground for talent to develop. First tune I heard by Karton, they were on another label, but I just had to have them on the roster. Same with Beta, although I still share him with Re:connect…

Any advice for any budding producers looking to sign to Sound of Habib?
If you manage to convey yourself through your music and do something interesting in the process, chances are you will grab my attention. I don’t go for clichéd sounds, I go for character. Then you need to pester me to listen to your music as I’m always pressed for time.

Any other bits and pieces going on you want to tell us about?
The death of breaks and the insurrection of breakbeat is something that warms my heart.

Still/My Culture is out soon on Sound Of Habib. Visit and


1.Mesmer – Pushy (Sound of Habib)
2. Karton – Spacetrip82 (Sound of Habib)
3. Johan Soh aka Jariten – Truskool (Sound of Habib)






“It’s something that captures the essence of its time while moving the culture forward and not letting go of the past”