US spinner Steve Porter launches his own label this month with the release of his latest EP, Pixy Stix. So with his Porterhouse parties and mix albums doing the business, and his productions starting to turn all the right heads, EQ decided to find out more about PH Recordings…

When and why did you decide to set up your own label?
I decided it was time to start a label about six months ago. I think mostly it was because I finally had a team in place to start up a proper business. I've always wanted to have a platform of my own to put out my music – as an artist I like knowing that I'll have an outlet for whatever experimentations may come out of the studio, so it's a luxury in that sense. I think a label is also a great tool to stay connected with other artists and producers in the industry, especially when I'm touring 24/7. It's nice to be able to offer a home and support another artist's work.

How would you describe PHs output?
So far we've got an eclectic pipeline of releases which is what we've set out to do. The goal is to have a rainbow of colours in every release. Our first release, Pixy Stix, offers originals and remixes in five different genres according to Beatport. We want to have fun with the label, and not care if something is a bit wacky, hard, cheesy, fruity, chunky, crunchy, chewy…

What's been the hardest thing about setting a label?
Honestly, setting up a label isn't all that hard beyond overseeing the website design, images and uploading the music. But I feel the hard work has yet to come, and that will be to present a standard of consistent quality. Everybody can start a label, but the real work comes with longevity.

What are PH's plans for the next 12 months?
Twelve months is a long time for a little upstart label like us but, the next four releases for PH Recordings are Agent 001’s Juicy Fruit EP, featuring remixes by Emjae and Chris Micali; then Roger Lee’s Wake'n’Bake EP; then my own Sound Future Fantasy EP; then an EP by Island 9. That only covers about six months of the year so we've got some work to do!

Any advice for any budding producers looking to sign to PH?
Come one, come all. We're open minded and we're looking to put out releases that are as fun as they are diverse.

Any other bits and pieces going on you want to tell us about?
The website will be up very soon at Just tweaking the last knobs to get it right. And be sure to check out the PH Recordings/Porterhouse 4 party at Ink on March 29 during the Miami WMC.

Steve’s launch track for PH, Pixy Stix is available now exclusively on Beatport now and has a full release in March. Steve’s fourth annual Porterhouse Miami party is at Ink on March 29, featuring sets from Luke Fair, Eli Wilkie, Emjae, Chris Micali, Ricky Ryan and more… Visit and




“We want to have fun with the label, and not care if something is a bit wacky, hard, cheesy, fruity, chunky, crunchy, chewy…”