His house sounds are winning rave reviews even though no one is really sure who he is. ROB CHADWICK meets the enigmatic Ladzinski…

Boe Recordings has unleashed some killer tracks in its time, but none of their artists are surrounded by mystery like this one. Despite all the anonymity, Ladzinski has risen through the ranks, and his new release, The Deep End EP, looks set to propel him even further into the spotlight. EQ had the pleasure of collaring this enigmatic producer for his first interview, talking about the new four-tracker, his hidden persona, and his use of all things American…

You’ve just released your debut EP, The Deep End, on Boe. How would you describe the release?
It’s a good mix of deep house, which is still good for the dancefloor.

What are the inspirations behind the four tracks on the EP?
Buying vinyl over the years has shaped my style on this release. I love most forms of house music and I think the EP has good mix between the tracks. Each track shows a little bit more about my influences. The tempo ranges from 117bpm to 127bpm, so it allows me to takes things from one end to the other.

Any stories behind the titles to the tracks?
The Deep End is the theme for the EP – it comes from the idea of having a release which is for the real deep end of your sets, the real deep end of your record bag. Spider On The Keyboard seemed a suitable name for the track as it’s what the catchy melody reminded me of when I recorded it. Past Twelve came from making the track very late in the day which I rarely do – I’m more a morning person when it comes to producing music. Outside Chance… well, you can try and guess that one…

There seems to be a lot of American elements in your music – Chicago, Detroit and even New York.
Yeah, I love a lot of American producers. My favourite would probably be Kerri Chandler. He has been a big source of inspiration over the years. He’s the daddy when it comes to making timeless house music.

Why is it impossible to find out anything about you?
This is my first release, so hopefully over time it won’t be so hard to find out more about me. But that’s the least of my worries really – I’m just pleased to be releasing a record I love.

Are you enjoying letting the music do the talking for you right now?
Exactly that, yes. There will be more music in the future and I’m focusing on that for the moment.

What can we expect form you in the coming months?
I’m busy in the studio, so it shouldn’t be to long for my follow-up EP to arrive.

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“Past Twelve came from making the track very late in the day which I rarely do – I’m more a morning person when it comes to producing music”
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