It seems like 2008 could be the year when James Talk really stamps his mark on the scene. The DJ and producer – who counts the likes of Pete Tong, Nic Fanciulli, James Zabiela, Sander Kleinenberg and Fergie among his fans – has been building a solid rep over the past couple of years, but now his debut album is doing the rounds, and it looks set to explode. We don’t care about that though – what’s his favourite dinosaur?

What are you plugging and why should we buy it?
My new artist album called Walky Talky which is released on February 25 on my label Spoken Recordings. You should buy it because it’s brilliant – and because my mum says so.

What's your favourite dinosaur?
Gotta be Marc Bolan. He was in T-Rex, and they made some great music.

What track/remix/mix are you most proud of?
I think my remix of Stakker’s Humanoid is my best remix to date – it’s a full-on, club-destroying, acid house monster.

When and where was the last time you paid to get into a club?
Erm… that’s when you give that paper money stuff to someone to get in the club, right?

What's the most treasured record you own?
My gatefold, limited edition promo picture disk of an unreleased Sasha remix of Kylie.

Who would you have DJing at your wedding?
Pete Tong. It’s a done deal already.

And at your funeral?
I'm going to live forever – they've managed to develop the kryo freezing process from Demolition Man, so I'm going to be frozen.

Do you get groupies? What are they like?
I get hundreds, and they’re all hot, of course. Who's heard of an ugly groupy? They wouldn't get far.

You've got two quid in your pocket. What are you going to spend it on?
Diet Coke, Disco crisps and a newspaper. Any change I’ll put in the charity box on the counter.

You can be any DJ/producer for a day – who would you be?
Pharrell Williams.

What's the strangest thing you've ever put in your mouth?
My foot, constantly.

You've been imprisoned for treason – who do you want as your cellmate?
Scarlett Johansson.

What's the most annoying sound in the world?
The sound of my own voice.

What question do you wish we'd asked you?
What’s the time Zebedee?

Walky Talky is out now on Spoken Recordings via Beatport. It gets a full release on March 17. Visit, and




“I'm going to live forever – they've managed to develop the kryo freezing process from Demolition Man, so I'm going to be frozen”