It’s an unusual way to celebrate your 10-year anniversary, but then Richie Hawtin’s label Minus has never been usual. So we shouldn’t be surprised that the imprint is currently in the middle of 10 weeks of silence – with no new releases and no performances or appearances from any of the Minus artists (“except for perhaps the odd secret testing of new material”) – to mark the label’s decade of dance. Born out of Plus 8 – the label started by Richie and John Acquaviva in 1990 – Minus has been at the forefront of techno, and this year Richie and co are promising some very special projects. Among these – hopefully – will be a new Plastikman longplayer from the label boss himself, as well as artist albums from current and new signings.

But to keep you going until Minus start making a noise again, EQTV caught up with Mr Hawtin for a night at the Arches in Glasgow, playing out at Pressure. So here’s Richie in action behind the decks, and talking about last year’s rerelease of his seminal Concept 1 album, plans for the Minus 10th birthday – and burning cars…

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