His Mulletover parties are massive. The hype around his DJing is huge. And now his label is starting to fly too. EQ talks to Geddes about his first EP on Murmur…

words: Rob Chadwick

Being the brains behind of one of the most talked about underground parties in the country, one third of Rekleiner with Audiofly, and the boss of up-and-coming label Murmur would be too much for most of us to cope with. Increasingly hot DJ and producer Geddes, however, is seemingly taking it all in his stride. Renowned for his hedonistic approach to the music scene, and his impeccable taste in deep house and techno, Geddes brought the underground back to London with his Mulletover parties. Now he’s gearing up for a new EP on his own label, and a summer of parties. He took time out to chat to EQ about how it all started, his favourite memories and sun-soaked outings to Croatia and Ibiza…

How did Mulletover start?
Originally I wanted to start a club night so I could hear music I was into and give myself the opportunity to play records. Rob, my partner in Mulletover, on the other hand wanted to do something different, use warehouses and disused buildings. The first Mulletover party was cancelled and by chance I was introduced to Rob by my partner at the time Jafa. Rob was doing a party on the same night and fortunately had a spare room in this old toy factory. From there our partnership began.

If Mulletover was to close for good, what would you like to be remembered for and who would you have on the bill?
I’d like to think we’d be remembered for the fun-loving times we’ve created over the last five years – there have been some very special memories. Rob and I are both extremely proud of what we’ve achieved – it’s been hard work sometimes, but it’s been worth it. On the bill would be me and my mate Meat all night long.

Mulletover will be at a lot of events this summer – where’s exciting you the most?
I’m really excited to be going back to Ibiza this season to play the zoo. Our good friend Joe Upton is organising a new Monday night there. Last season wasn’t that great for us, but this year is looking very promising – as long as my passport doesn’t end up in the washing machine again…

You’re playing Croatia as well this summer. Do you think it’s only a matter of time before Croatia takes over Ibiza as the place to be?
Croatia is a fantastic place, but it’s more of a family vibe, whereas Ibiza is a mass-marketed thing. That’s what sets them apart. The Garden Festival in Croatia is a small community and it would take 30 years to get it anything like Ibiza. I think for the time being Ibiza will always be the mainstay for clubbers. However, my advice is to try something different.

How did you start producing as Rekleiner with Audiofly back in the day?
Wow! It does seem like a long time ago now. Luca really wanted to play at Mulletover – he was pestering me with CDs (as he does – sorry mate!) and we got talking. Then he invited me in to the studio to meet Anthony. As a group we got on like a house on fire and the rest is history.

How’s Murmur been going since it launched last year?
Murmur has been good and the feedback we’ve received has been very pleasing. It’s tough finding the records, but as we get older that process becomes easier. It’s important the decisions we make are the right ones – we want the everything to be right for us and the artist. We’re not an outfit that likes to cut corners.

You’re released your first EP on Murmur, Paper Weight with Alex Jones. What were your ideas behind the track?
Alex and I had been trying to work in the studio together for ages but never got round to it. One day we were like: “We’ve got to sort this out,” and we did. Once we got going, everything flowed fairly easily. I had a few ideas already and spent some time sampling some records. It was one of those where everything gelled at the right time. My music is very of the moment, so it just depends on how I’m feeling as to what comes out. I guess everyone has their own story to tell. We’re human, and life is all about emotions…

The Paper Weight EP is out on Murmur on June 24




“I’d like to think we’d be remem- bered for the fun-loving times we’ve created over the last five years – there have been some very special memories”