Soma’s Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi series returns this month sounding as good as ever. But then Funk D’Void did spend months putting volume four together…

“Time in dance music is like time in politics,” says Lars Sandberg, referring to that old ‘a week is a very long time’ maxim. And in a world where electronic music can feel old the moment it gets a full release, the man also known as Funk D’Void is right. Longevity is hardly something that goes hand in hand with clubs. That’s why Lars is so excited about his latest release, the next installment of Soma’s Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi mix series. His 17-track album has been months in the making, with Lars sourcing – and tweaking – music to give it a timeless edge. This isn’t an album about the latest club bangers – it’s about leaving the world with a lasting impression of what Funk D’Void is all about.

He’s in collaborative mode at the moment, working with the likes of Sian and Phil Kieran on his latest tracks for Soma, and planning to work with Israeli producer Itamar Sagi on some forthcoming tunes. In fact, Lars is in the studio with Phil today, working on the follow-up to last year’s White Light/Black As You Like, but his Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi mix arguably shows that he works better on his own. This is Funk D’Void at his best, mixing up an atmospheric blend of tunes with just the right amount of oomph for home listening. So with Mr Kieran out buying some new software for their new track, EQ steps in to quiz Mr Sandberg about the new mix…

How was it putting together Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi 04?
It was a lot of work. There were a lot of failed attempts, I had to do my own edits, and I had to cut tracks to fit the single CD – I made it with two seconds to spare in the end. So it was tough, and I did put a lot of work into it, months and months of making sure that everything works harmoniously together and that every track sounds like they were made for each other. I didn’t want it to feel like it was time-stamped or to be a standard techno mix. I wanted it to be full of tracks you can listen to on a regular basis that last longer than a week, tracks that stay with you. So it starts techy and goes deeper towards the end. It’s quite atmospheric in points, there are some nice vocals in there – I think I’ve done a good job. I hope I have anyway.

It does stand out from a lot of mixes because it takes in a few sounds.
Yeah, it could have been a nice groovy session like you get in a club, but I wanted to make something for the house as well and not be afraid to put in a few weird bits. Like that Apparat remix of Lusine’s Drip. On a melodic level, that track’s beautiful. It’s also quite rocky, but it’s on the same bpm as house and techno, so it kind of fits in. It breaks up the mix, but it still works.

It shows there’s a lot of thought gone into the album. It doesn’t just batter the tracks out like some techy mixes do.
It was a big deal for me getting to do this album. It’s a revered series, and having people like Luciano, Weatherall, Ewan Pearson and Alex Smoke before was quite daunting. So I thought: “Stick to what you know. Keep it nice and melodic. Just choose tracks that mean a lot to me.”

Did Soma give you free rein to do that?
Yeah, they just said: “Do what you want.” To sit well with me, it had to be something more than just a fresh crop of dance tracks. It had to be something with a hint of underground classics about it. That was the only route I could have taken.

Is there enough current music out there to keep you excited as a DJ?
Yeah, I still really enjoy playing out. I’m into these 300 or 400-capacity venues, where it’s more about the music rather than the place or the fashion. For me, it’s always been about dark rooms and loud music. I’m still trying to open my own club in Barcelona, but that should finally happen this year. It’s been ongoing for two years now – it’s always been my dream to have a club of my own. When you hit 35, it really turns the engine on. I’ve never been so motivated. I’m not in my 20s anymore and I really want to leave my thumbprint. I’ll still be a DJ first and foremost though, and I still really look forward to my gigs. If I didn’t have those I’d probably wither and die.

What are you up to today with Phil?
We working on our comeback single! It’s been a long time in dance music since we put anything out. It was only last year, but that seems like an eon. So this fourth single’s got the same sort of vibe. We’ve still got a really good rapport and it’s still fun working together. And when it’s fun, ideas come really quickly.

Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi Volume 04 is out on February 25 on Soma. Visit and




“It could have been a nice groovy session like you get in a club, but I did want to be afraid to put in a few weird bits”