Musical reinventions are nothing new, with countless producers changing their sounds at the drop of a hat, but few reinventions have been so dramatic – or hard fought – as Fergie’s. From his early days playing out at Trade as a teenager, to his heady rise to the top via a superstar lifestyle and a Radio 1 show, Fergie – through no real fault of his own – came to represent all that was bad about hard house to most discerning clubbers. So when he about-turned and went all techno, the knives came out. Now, after years of fighting to make his mark on the underground, he’s finally being taken seriously by his peers – and the clubbers will surely follow suit. We caught up with Ferg as he made a significant step on his road to rehab, playing Pressure in Glasgow for the first time. This exclusive footage shows he’s got a lot to offer musically – and as his candid interview reveals, he’s not going to be put off by the legions of Fergie haters…


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Fergie's mix of Yousef's Letter To No One is out now on Circus Recordings. Visit and