Going on the piste in the company of your favourite DJs is nothing new, but with Eddy Temple Morris masterminding the new snowbound weekender that is TignesFest, you should expect something a little out of the ordinary…

Another year, another dance-music-in-the-snow festival – or so you might think. The latest addition to the Alpine weekenders is TignesFest, a new event to be held at one of the top rated (and highest) ski resorts in the world, Tignes in France. Running from April 17 to 20, the festival includes DJ sets, live bands and exclusive acoustic sets, as well as tonnes of skiing and snowboarding activities. So far, so Snowbombing – but what makes TignesFest really stand out from the crowd is the fact that it’s all about the hottest new talent. Oh yeah, and it’s free.

The brains behind the event are broadcasters from the UK’s three top radio stations – Eddy Temple Morris from XFM, Kissy Sell Out from Radio 1, and The Loose Cannons from Kiss FM – and they’ve pulled together a pretty tasty selection of artists to keep you entertained away from the piste. Eddy will also be broadcasting his show live from TignesFest on April 18. We caught up with Mr Temple Morris to find out more…

Where did the idea for Tignesfest come from and how did you end up working together?
The idea was from Claudia, Kissy Sell Out’s lovely manager. The three of us ended up together because we've always supported each other from day one – I invited the Cannons onstage at their first London showcase and we've been mates ever since. Kissy was discovered by the Cannons, and we both played his demo on our radio shows.

How will the event different from other music events?
The temperature will be lower, the music will be hotter.

Tell us about some of the acts that are playing.
It's all about the new talent, like In The City, so I'm taking a good handful of my top tips for 2008 across to Tignes. There’s Autokratz, British talent from Kitsune, the uber-cool French imprint and the hottest label in the world today. Last year it was all about French electro – now the buzz phrase I'm hearing is ‘made in Britain’. Autokratz are surfing the crest of this particular wave. Then there’s Alex Metric, who was the remixer of 2007 for me. Everybody is talking about him and how good his production is. There’s also South Central, who made the cover version of 2007 – their version of Higher State is blistering, and they’re incredible DJs whose combination of decks and computers enables them to remix stuff live. It's astonishing, much like Soulwax Nite Versions. There’s also Shoes who’s spearheading the latest French invasion of the UK. Primary1, their debut single on Erol Alkan's new label, will prove to be one of the tunes of 2008. It’s like Prince when he was good. They're playing live at Tignes, so that’s another tip top tip – the buzz on this lot is louder than a swarm of hornets.

Why Tignes?
Claudia’s best friend lives there, and the local people loved the idea of hosting a free music festival to support new music. It’s also one of the most beautiful ski resorts in the region with so many activities on offer for people who might not be into skiing or boarding. There’s horse riding, swimming, trekking, husky riding…

Are your skills on the slopes on par with your your musical expertise?
Not exactly. I've snowboarded once and broke three bones on day two, and continued in agony for three more days. It was one of the most fun things I've ever done – even with the fractures.

In one sentence, tell us why we should come to Tignesfest…
Music as good as this, in the highest resort in the Alps and one of the most beautiful places on earth – it doesn't get any better.

TignesFest runs from April 17 to 20 at Tignes in the Alps. Visit and




“I went snow- boarding once and broke three bones on day two – it was one of the most fun things I've ever done”